$650 day/$1,950 week


  • Nikon Lens Set(cinevised by Duclos Lenses)
    15mm fisheye f2.8, 17-35mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, 105mm f1.8
  • $250 day/$750 week
  • RED Bomb EVF
  • $90 day/$270 week
  • Panasonic BT-LH1710 17″ HD-SDI Set Monitor
  • $150 day/$450 week
  • NEW
  • $150 day/$450 week




With the ability to capture 5K stills and 4K motion, resolution sustains itself as a dominant gene in the RED family. SCARLET-X functions as a flexible device, utilizing HDRx and interchangeable lens mounts to provide you with options in a world that’s always changing. 5K burst modes snap up to 12 fps with 4K reaching up to 30 fps—helping you capture every perfect moment. All of the finest qualities of cinema and photography have now aligned, letting you take advantage of the best of both worlds with SCARLET-X.

Basic SCARLET-X Package

$950 day/$2,850 week

Basic Package Includes:

  • SCARLET-X Brain
  • Choice of Ti PL Mount or Ti Canon Mount
  • 5″ Touch LCD With Cable
  • REDmote
  • DSMC Side SSD Module
  • 3 Red Brick Batteries
  • Element Technica V-Mount Battery Plate
  • Red Brick Charger
  • (4) 64GB SSD Mags
  • Red Station 1.8″ SSD
  • AC power Supply
  • Wooden Camera Top Plate
  • Wooden Camera A-Box XLR Audio Adapter
  • Wooden Camera Top Handle
  • Choice of 19mm or 15mm Element Technica Baseplate